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Germany, 1938: Talented teen Jewish artist, Renata Lowenthal, convinces her reluctant parents that they must leave. After a hazardous journey, they arrive in Alexandria, Egypt, where Renata uses her artistic talents to support the family. But war’s tentacles reach Egypt. The family is still in danger. After a steamy courtship, Renata marries Ray Stern, a Canadian navy officer, shortly before he is deployed to war service. After the birth of their child, Renata is faced with an agonizing decision that will have repercussions years into the future. She must dig into the depths of her being, to find a resourcefulness and courage she never knew she had, to cross oceans to save her marriage and her family.


-Winner of the indie B.R.A.G. Medallion for excellence in self-published books (2018)

-Finalist in the Wishing Tree Book Awards for adult fiction for 2018


"There are so many Jewish/WWII books out there that I knew I was going to hold this book up to a rather high bar - it did not disappoint. This was an exciting poignant story that captured my attention from the very beginning... Anyone who likes WWII historical fiction and a strong and hopeful heroine, will love this book." - indieBRAG reviewer

" important book for all citizens of the world to read, especially during these turbulent times. It is a valid description of  Germany during World War II and the plight of a Jewish family."

     -Donna Auerbach Davis
    Former member of the Board of Directors of The Anne Frank Center of Amsterdam and curator of The 
Institute of Jewish Research (YIVO).

"...a compelling read that kept me turning the pages from the first chapter. I appreciate the attention to details and historical accuracy that lends credibility to the story. The author weaves multiple worldwide settings into the fictional odyssey of Renata, a young German artist, and her family who escaped Munich, Germany in 1938. I have read a lot of WWII stories, but this is the first that told of Jews who escaped to Egypt. I say odyssey because the story is set in multiple countries, as were the true-life journeys of many other survivors. I look forward to any future book from this debut author."

     Katrina Shawver, author of the award-winning non-fiction book, HENRY: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America.

"Another Ocean to Cross can sit comfortably with WWII books like The Nightingale or a pre-revolutionary novel like My Name is Resolute. Knowing friends who have lived through similar experiences validated this story even though Renata is a fictional character... After the first thirty pages, I was so immersed that I had to reschedule my activities for the next day, and because of appointments, it took me three days to follow her adventures to a most gratifying ending. Well written, Mrs. Griffin. I look forward to your next book."



"The pacing is perfect and makes the story hard to set aside...  I am also already learning some history I didn't know which is one of my barometers for enjoying an historical novel. Then, late this morning, I called my mother and asked her if she had started reading it, and she told me that she loves it and can't put it down."

     Cynthia K., Professor of English


"An amazing adventure story. Hard to believe Ms. Griffin is a first time novelist. Extremely well written, perfectly paced. Enjoyed it immensely."