Two were Enough

Shannon radioed for the coroner, shaking her head. What a goddam stupid argument, and two kids dead. The young sister, quaking in the cruiser, said her brothers argued about stealing another iPad. A car door slammed outside as the coroner arrived. He tapped on her window. She told the sister to stay put, then joined him inside the house. Each boy dead with a single shot, one to the head, one to the chest. The coroner sighed, used to the business of death, then checked for gunshot residue. Strangely, there was none.

“Who else was here?”

“Just the sister, in my car.”

“Get her out here.” A few swabs showed the gsr all over her hands.

“Here’s your perp, officer.”

Shannon hauled out the cuffs and read the girl her rights. Shoving her into the car for the ride downtown, she asked, “Why would you kill your brothers?”

“They wouldn’t get me an iPad. They said two were enough. And Mom, you agreed.”

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