Covid-19 and Masks - July 2020

Priorities for many people have changed since the appearance of Covid-19: quarantine, social distancing, hand-washing, and mask-wearing. Masks are mandatory in Maricopa County, and with the opening of valley schools in the near future, obtaining masks for students, teachers, and support staff has become a priority. Although masks are now readily available for a price, students from low-income families may not be able to afford them.

In the early days of the pandemic, I joined a group called The Sewing Army, out of Toronto, of which my eldest daughter was one of the founders. That dazzling group grew to over 5000 people and as of this writing they have produced over 80,000 pieces of PPE, including masks, scrub caps, and gowns. 

Need for PPE in the health care sector dropped as manufacturers caught up with demand, so I switched gears, and created a Facebook group for mask makers, donors, and delivery persons aimed at masking up Maricopa County school kids. 


I will use this website as a place to store documents such as mask patterns and more, for members of the group.  Please check here. I will provide an index of all documents.  

Speaking Engagements-  March 2018

Ann will speak to your group about what she did to research her World War II era book, how she used photographs to make the book more realistic, and just what it takes to write and publish a book. Questions are welcome!

Locations: September through April, metro Phoenix. Summer, metro Toronto, Canada. Other locations available through online meeting upon request and consultation.

Book Clubs: Ann loves book clubs! She will provide discussion questions for book clubs at no charge. If you want Ann to speak with your club, contact her here. Not in Arizona? No problem! She can meet with your group virtually, wherever you are located. 

Fee: If Ann can offer her books for sale at the meeting, or if participants have already purchased a copy (e.g. book clubs) there is no fee. Otherwise, the fee is $50.